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August 2016

Dad and I stayed in Argentina for a few days after snowboarding in Chile. We did the never ending drive from Mendoza to Las Lenas, snowboarded, then spent a few days enjoying wine in Mendoza before heading home.

The drive to Las Lenas looked like this for most of the ride…. until we hit snow
The top of the mountains had a good amount of snow but it melted before you hit the bottom of the run
The Beautiful mountains of Las Lenas (could have used some more snow!)
We did a bike tour around Mendoza. We simply rented bikes and followed the map given to us. We stopped at wineries in the area. Gotta love snap chat filters!
Dad made friends with the cat in the winery. It was cold in the barn (hence the gloves). He curled right up and went to sleep
View from the patio of one of the favorite wineries.


How else do you finish a long day bike riding than with a Cabernet gelato!


Every day in Argentina ended like this, as it should.

Argentina Mendoza Bike Wine Tour

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