Finding the Lion King on an African Safari

Put three pediatric nurses, two pediatric doctors and a mother of three in a jeep on an African safari and no doubt, there will be a lot of Lion King being sung. It started out with all six of us laughing and trying to quote the movie. By the end of our two day safari in Masai Mari, I am pretty sure only Mele and I still found humor in our Lion King Safari.


The Circle of Life

I don’t think it is humanly possible to go on any safari in any country and not sing Circle of Life. We didn’t even know the words. It consisted of a lot of da da da daaaaaa’s and do do do doooooo to the tune of the song. We hadn’t even landed the tiny plane the first time someone (probably me) was singing this song.

Lion King Safari Lioness

I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

So this isn’t Simba. Or even a male lion for that matter. But it did not stop Mele and I from busting out in song. It usually went along the lines of:

“I’m gonna be the mighty king so enemies beware…..

….. Mele your line”

“Oh right… what are the words?”

“Well I’ve never seen a king of beasts with quite so little hair!”


Everyone Look Left

For some reason, this became our favorite part of the song. I would sing Simba’s lines and Mele would imitate Zazu’s deep voice with all of the attitude she could muster. Then we would sing it again. And again. I can’t possibly understand why everyone was annoyed with us….

“Everyone look left. Everyone look right. Everywhere you stand I’m standing in the spot light!”

” Not Yet!”


Lion King Safari watering hole

The Watering hole?

“What’s so great about the watering hole? ”

“I’ll tell you when we get there!”

I know what is so great about the watering hole!


 Elephant Graveyard

“Shhhh, Zazu”

Luckily we only saw beautiful live elephants. We saw mostly moms with their babies (not that you can tell from the snapchat).


Lion King Safari Shadowy place


That Shadowy Place

“Everything the light touches… but what about that shadowy place over there”

“That is beyond our borders, you must never go there”

“But I thought a king could do whatever he wanted”

“there’s more to being a king than getting your way all the time”

“There’s more?!Lion King Safari Wildabeast Stampede

Ignore my spelling, we were in the middle of an African safari and I did not have wifi to look up how to spell it. And despite the number of well educated people in the jeep, everyone turned the other way when I asked how to spell it. One of them since has said that she “didn’t hear me”.

Lion King Safari Hyena No King

“Great idea. Who needs a king?”

“No king no king la de da de da da”

This was hands down my brother and I’s favorite line in this movie.

Lion King Safari ZebraEat a Zebra

“I’m so hungry I could eat a zebra”

“sorry we’re fresh out?”

“got any antelope”

“nuh uh”


“nope”Lion King Safari Mere cats What’s a Motto?

“Are those Pimones or Timbas?”

Rachael asks me.

Wait… What? Nooo!

Lion King Safari Warthog
“Sensitive Soul”

“That’s a Timba right?” Rachael asks

“Pumba, but close”

“I’m a sensitive soul..” Mele whispers to me and we both crack up while she tries to go deep and sing “though I seem thick skinned.

Lion King Safari wildabeast

I definitely played the soundtrack while writing this post. Sorry to those of you that will not get the songs out of your head for the rest of the day. At least they are some of the best Disney songs 🙂

Finding the Lion King on my african safari

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