Medical Mission in Kenya 

As we get ready to set of for another medical mission, it makes me reflect on how much fun we had last year. Last year we spent a week in the rural villages of Kenya, providing medical care to children that would otherwise receive none. The kids walked from miles around to visit the little clinics that we set up.


The Mission

One of the doctors at my hospital runs a group that coordinates annual medical mission trips deployed to areas in Kenya and Swaziland that are beyond the reach of other relief agencies. My best friend and I signed up to volunteer our time in Kenya last year. We drove a few hours outside of the capital of Nairobi to a small town where we stayed for the week. Each day, we would pack up the bus with supplies for our clinic. We would drive 1.5-3 hours out side of that town, down dirt roads to get to the villages. Some of the kids walked for miles to get to us.

Locals catching a ride to work. I don’t know who was more excited to see who!

Our Clinics

Within the clinic, we would assess the local children, with the help of a translator. Many of these kids suffer from nutritional deficiencies and we would provide them with supplements as needed. We also checked them over for common ailments of the area. Everyone was given vitamins and tooth brush and paste.

Boys peering across the fence to the clinic that we were setting up.

This particular clinic was set up in the community church. The floors were dirt, there were no doors or windows but the people were so excited to see us.

Rachael assessing a patient with the help of her translator

This clinic was set up in a school. We had the use of many classrooms which made it easy to hear and assess the children that came to see us. Here, some of the older children spoke English.

The Kids

There were times throughout the day where we were able to play with the kids. They loved the bubbles that we brought and took over just about anything else we tried to play with. Their favorite thing was the selfie stick that Rachael brought. They loved seeing their own faces!

They loved photos!


This little ham had the best time dancing for us!

The Culture

One of the most incredible thing we got to experience in Kenya was the culture. This wasn’t a guided tour or a stay at a resort. We were in the heart of the small communities, interacting with their children.

Children singing as we arrive

A mother carrying her baby traditionally

Women dressed in traditional clothing along side women dressed for modern work

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