Murals of Philadelphia 

Center City, Murals of Philadelphia 

Philadelphia is known as the city of murals for the numerous murals painted on the sides, fronts or backs of buildings throughout the city. It started in 1984, in order to prevent graffiti and give artists a creative outlet to create something beautiful. 

These are just a small handful of what you can find in center city. It’s an even smaller portion of the murals of Philadelphia! 

 Saint James Protestant Episcopal Church

Artists: Michael Webb and Susan Maxman Architect

Location: Walnut and 23rd st

The church was torn down in 1946 and now a gas station stands in its place. Sunoco, the gas station, hired artists to paint the church’s reflection as it had once stood. Click here to see photos of the original church. 

Wild Tuscan Lillies

Artist: Berny Brownstein

Location: 23rd st and Sansom

Chestnut Place 

Artists: Jonathan Laidacker, Richard Haas

Location: Chestnut and 24th st 

I promise that is painted on the building and not actual arches in the building. Five stories tall and absolutely stunning. 

Phillies Mural 

Artists: David McShane, Steve Weinik

Location: Walnut and 24th st 

While I really want to say “go Dbacks!” I can appreciate this incredible art. 

Mapping Freire

Artist: Marcus Balum, Seed the Dream Foundation

Location: 21st st and Market

This is painted on the side of the fire station which only adds to its beauty.


Summer Rendevous

Artist: David Guinn

Location: 20th st and Sansom  


Artist: Momo Sonesta

Location: Market and 18th st


Location: 20th st and Ludlow

I can’t find any information on this one. But it’s beautiful. I love how it stretches to both buildings. 


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  1. Love the murals, but the one that impressed me the most is the Saint James Protestant Episcopal Church. I love the work itself, but also the responsibility taken by Sunoco to preserve its history.

    1. Isnt it incredible! I think it’s great when people (or in this case a gas station!) try to preserve what’s left of history

  2. I just loved the pictures.. They are so unique! Hopefully I get to see them one day

  3. I love the murals. You got a nice view also. Works of arts have ways of getting your attention. I’m sure I’d be swayed by these murals when I visit Philadelphia.

  4. I admire the mural artwork and the length of time it’d take to paint! It’s great there’s such a variety too – my personal fave is the Shake Shack, but I also like the Untitled abstract on Market St. Quite a lot of country towns down here in Australia have murals – it’s always interesting to see what’s been painted – and now I see that it’s just as popular up there!

  5. Sandy N Vyjay says: Reply

    Philadelphia is certainly an open air art museum. The murals kook so fascinating where they stand as a silent testimony to the artistic talents of sung and unsung artists.. I am sure there is a story behind each and every mural in the city.

  6. The Momo Sonesta is so ingenious! It looks like its part of the design framework when its really a mural! How fascinating! I also love the Phillies mural. My boyfriend is a huge baseball fan and so I know he’d love to see this mural in person one day.

  7. These murals are so fascinating and the most impressive for me is of chestnut place and Summer Rendevous. They are the great testaments of young artists talents. Loved them.

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