One day in Oslo

Due to our delayed flight we only got to spend one full day in Oslo. The one thing I wasn’t quite prepared for was how cold it would be! I was prepared in the sense that I had plenty of layers to keep me warm but was not ready to drop from 90 degrees down to 30 degrees over night!

We figured out the public transportation and made our way out to the Vigeland sculpture park. I was expecting something very touristy. And while there were some travelers, it seemed to have a lot of locals. There were families taking theirs kids out to play, people walking their dogs and musicians playing in the streets.

After a little turn around, we found bus 30 that took us to the Viking museum. They have four Viking ships that were once used as burial sites that have been restored and put on display. They also have a collection  of everyday items that were found in the ships.

For lunch, we wandered down an alley and ended up at a food truck convention. There were 7 or 8 different trucks crammed into the tiny space, leaving just enough space for a few tables. We treated ourself to pad Thai and sweet potato fries (yes weird combo we know!) It was cold sitting out side so we didn’t stay as long as we would have liked.

Since my birthday is at the end of our trip, Liz used it as an excuse for a birthday surprise and bought us tickets to see the ballet at the Oslo Opera House.We even got to see the super moon rising over it as we left.

The Opera house sits right on the water and has a spectacular view!

Our 24 hours in Oslo were not quite enough!


Spending one day in oslo was well worth it, though I would have been more than happy to find more time there!

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