Pre-Flight Beaching

Sometimes, what you really need before a long flight is a little pre-flight beaching.

Liz and I found flights to Norway for $386 round trip so of course we had to book them! The only catch, they flew out of LAX. To fly to LAX cost almost that much so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and drive. We left early enough to have a few hours on Manhattan beach before needing to leave for the airport.

The weather was surprisingly beautiful for November in Los Angeles. It was the perfect break prior to a long trip and exactly what we needed.

Liz read for a little while. We watched kids chase the seagulls that tried stealing our chips. We ate our picnic to fuel us for the long flight. Behind us a couple got married, surrounded by family and friends. It was the perfect start to our trip, just perfect weather, a little sand and a whole lot of sun










We even got to see the sun set as we left (one of the best things about a red eye flight!)

The not so good part is that our flight has been delayed by an hour so far, giving me time to write about this. The flight attendants opened the emergency exits to bring in some air. The entertainment systems are off. Good thing the beach was perfect because waiting around in the hot plane is far from it.

What do you think about a pre-flight beach trip?



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