Last Day in Stockholm 

After deciding we were never coming home from Stockholm, the trip only got better from there.

For Liz’s birthday, she wanted to see a castle. We took the two hour train up to Orebro to see the castle built in the 13th century.

We were lucky enough to see it at sunset. But too unlucky that we arrived right as it was closing!

At least Liz got to hug a giant rubber ducky. Literally rubber. It was made out of recycled tires.

The following day, we head out t explore things a little closer to Stockholm. We found ourselves in the old city. The streets were lined with cobblestone. There were more coffee shops and trinkets stores than anywhere else in Stockholm

In the middle of it was the Christmas market. They sold candies, meat, cheeses and jams. There was a variety of Christmas decorations. My favorite shop had Norwegian hats, kitchen ware made of antlers and bracelets.

Our last night in Sweden we took advantage of the ice skating rink in kungstradgarden. People of all ages and abilities were skating including very small children. We had a blast!

And like I said before, Sweden loves Christmas

We can’t wait to come back


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