Top 6 Reasons Why I’m Not Coming Home from Stockholm 

So I’ve spent about 24 hours here and I think it’s safe to say that I am in love with this city. And I’ve decided I’m not coming home from Stockholm. Here is why.

The Buildings are Beautiful.

For example, the hotel we are staying in was built in 1780. 1780! Most of my American friends have never seen a building half that old. It was originally a brewery but had multiple uses before it became a hotel. The nurse in me was excited to see it was a temporary hospital in 1834. See the entire history here.

This museum below was built in 1907. Isn’t it incredible?

The People are Friendly

By big city standards. Lost? Ask around. Everyone knows the way. No one pushes you around on the crowded streets. If you’re in their was on the escalator they just politely stand behind you until you decide to move. Everyone is more than happy to talk to you in English, unlike some other countries (except for the Asian guy at the sushi place that truly did not speak English). They even let everyone off the crowded metro before flooding in.

The Food

Oh my god the food. I could eat for days. I have been. Sometimes I can’t even read the menu. I just pick something halfway interesting and it turns out fantastic. We had homemade glutenfree pizza last night at a place called Bananas. Bananas?! A pizza place? Weird. But it was phenomenal.  Also, Sweden is rightly known for its coffee. I’ve yet to have bad coffee.

It’s On The Water

You’re surrounded by it all the time. It’s beautiful. Unlimited restaurants with water front views.

They Have an Abba Museum

Which had normal museum things, the history, about each person, clothes, awards etc etc. But they have a lot of interactive parts where you can “record” an Abba song. You can add your face to a costume and make it dance. The best part is realizing that it is all available online later. They have a portion showing how music has been listened to throughout the decades.

They Love All Things Christmas

Everything is covered in lights and it’s not even Thanksgiving! Which is probably not a big deal if you’re in a country that doesn’t celebrate Christmas.  We are told this is only the start. The trees on the buildings and light up mooses are nothing compared to the December decorations.

So that’s it. I’m never coming home from Stockholm. Hope you all visit.



I just remembered that I don’t speak Norwegian. Which apparently is a big deal if you want a nursing license. *sigh* guess I’ll be home in a few days.


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  1. Teresa Ippolito says: Reply

    Wow! That place looks amazing. So happy you are having such fun visiting so many new places. This one does look like such a Fantastic place to live.

    1. Thanks Teresa! We are sure enjoying it

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