How To Have The Best Winter in Telluride

Winter in Telluride

The first time I ever spent the winter in Telluride, I was about 12 years old. That was back in the day where we would stay in the RV and park just outside the city limits where they couldn’t kick us out. It has grown a lot since then but it still one of my favorite places to visit (of course it helps that my parents live there part time!)

I brought Liz up this year, to show her the beauty Telluride has to offer. And to try to teach her to snowboard. At least we accomplished one of these!
Here is my recommendation of things to do in Telluride winters.

Snowboarding in Telluride Colorado

Hit the Slopes

Telluride is my all time favorite place to snowboard! Which is also why my dad bought a place there, though he told my mom afterwards. Luckily she loved it and they live there all winter and summer.

Snowboarding Winter in Telluride Colorado
The mountain is huge and even on crowded days, you don’t have to see a lot of people. Dad and I prefer the trails with a lot of powder and a lot of trees and there is always a few to be found.

We had two days of miserably cold windy storms. Finally on the last day it cleared up so we could enjoy the 13 inches of powder from the night before!

Ride the Gondola

The Gondola takes 13 minutes to ride from Mountain Village to Telluride. And its FREE! It has some of the best views and you don’t have to ski down the mountain to see them. It is also a super convenient way to get from Mountain Village to Telluride.

Gondola Winter in Telluride Colorado

Window Shop

Or if you don’t spend all your money traveling, you could actually do some shopping! Shirtworks of Telluride has some decent prices on souvenirs, along with Zia Sun. But for the most part (when its not too cold) its nice to walk down the street and enjoy the beautiful town. There are Christmas lights through most of the winter in Telluride, people wandering through the streets and lots of activity despite being below freezing!

Winter in Telluride Colorado

Even if you just walk around to find a place to eat, or to grab a beer, it is definitely worth it!

Winter in Telluride Colorado

Eat At Allred’s

Allred’s is located at the top of the mountain and is easily accessed by the Gondola. It has spectacular views year round. Even at night you can catch the glow of the town lights. Its a little expensive but the bar usually has a great happy hour that makes it worth it.Winter in Telluride Colorado Allreds
We made it just before sunset. Since holiday break was over and it was the middle of the week, we did not think about making reservations. Luckily we only had to wait 15 min and caught the last of the glow on the mountains. The bartender pointed out that the back table with the best view had just opened and let us hurry over and grab it. The food was incredible. The desert was even better!


Winter in Telluride Colorado Allreds
Prettiest Crem Brulee!

Enjoy the Wildlife

Winter in Telluride Colorado
Ok, maybe this isn’t the wild life you were thinking of, but we love her! Tenielle’s favorite thing is squirrels and she has no problem flying headfirst into a bank of snow to get to them. She doesn’t really think ahead though and ended up struggling to get back up the hill to us since the snow was taller than she is.

On a serious note, there is so much wildlife to see. Many years ago we parked the RV at the Town Hall Plaza in Mountain Village to take the Gondola to go Snowboarding (which you can’t do any more). I was taking off my board when I heard a lady screaming at me from across the lot. I turned around to find a huge elk climbing through the snow directly behind the RV. I’d show you the picture but it was taken on the flip phone I had at the time. What a joke of a picture.


Relax and Spend Time with Family

Six days off work? Yes please! When we weren’t boarding or exploring town we stayed in the cabin and did absolutely nothing! It was fantastic. You absolutely need to spend the winter in Telluride!


My next favorite place to visit in the winter would have to be Stockholm. Read about it here

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  1. Teresa Ippolito says: Reply

    I have to say Telluride is so beautiful. I remember the first time we went there we were trying to beat a storm that was coming and we got there at 2 in the morning and there was no snow and when we woke up at 8 in the morning it was absolutely covered in white. First time I had ever really seen snow. It was the most beautiful site. I’ll never forget it. Thank you for sharing your story. I loved it

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